The Life Night 1/14/2018: Confirmation Prep Session #5

Confirmation Image

This Weekend is our fifth Confirmation Prep night

All Groups:

This week we are going to be focused on Confirmation Prep with a twist. Instead of breaking into Year One, Year Two, and Post Confirmation groups, we are going to be working all together to answer the question, “Why Do We Do That?

Specifically, we are going to be talking about some of the foundations of our Catholic faith.

This topic will cover both hours of the night as we have some activities intermingled into the discussions.



The Life Night 12/10/2017: Youth Empowered To Overcome!


We are going to hit 4 topics that all of you have experienced in one way or another and try to give you the power to overcome them!

  • Just Do it!
    (That time we did that thing because we just wanted to fit in)

  • Just Toughen Up!
    (Getting past the people that have tried to hold us down.)

  • Just Deal With It!
    (How loneliness has impacted us and how we can overcome it)

  • Good Is Good Enough
    (I once decided to just settle for just getting by)

Come hear from the experts, your peers, and join in on the discussion.

The Life Night 12/03/2017: Confirmation Prep Session #4

Confirmation Image

This Weekend is our fourth Confirmation Prep night

Year One: Mary the Mother of Christ and The Rosary

Rod Komlofske is going to lead discussion and activity surrounding The Virgin Mary, The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and the Rosary.

Year Two: Adding The Holy Spirit to complete The Trinity

Michael will lead a demonstration and discussion about The Holy Spirit and The Trinity.

Post Confirmation: Who should we have as friends?

Ms Barr will lead a discussion about choosing the right people to have in our lives.

Hour Two: “So You Think You Know Christmas”

We are going to play a game of “So You Think You Know Christmas”. You will have to be here to see!


The Life Night 11/19/2017: Confirmation Prep Session #3

Confirmation ImageThis Weekend is our third Confirmation Prep night

Year One: An Intro to the Beatitudes

Pam Komlofske is going to lead you into some activities and discussion surrounding Jesus’ pivotal Sermon on the Mount

To help with the session, please bring some magazines that you can cut up.

If you have not turned in your Saint Paper, this weekend would be a great time to do so!

The details for the paper:

A Biographical sketch on a Saint that you admire or would like to live your life after.
A thoughtful paper should be a couple of pages.
Please type your papers, double spaced, 12 font.
Give a history / explanation of the Saint and then explain why you have chosen them to represent you at Confirmation.
Be prepared to talk about the Saint you have chosen.

Year Two: Who Is this Jesus Guy?

Steve Canali and Michael will lead the group in discussion and activities to help us all understand a little better just who Jesus is.

Post Confirmation: What is it to serve?

John and Ms Barr, will lead a discussion to talk about serving others and living the faith through charity.

Hour Two: Bonfire w/ Smores

We will all head out to our firepit to relax by the fire and enjoy some smores.

Volunteer Opportunity: The Life’s Gift Wrapping Service

Gift Wrapping

Starting November 26th and going until December 17th, The Life will be providing a gift wrapping service for the parish. If parents, or Santa, have the need, we will be ready to serve.

Don’t know how to wrap presents? Don’t worry, we can teach you!

There also lots of other things that will need to be done as well!

Make plans to be here as often as you can so that this service project will have the best chance at success.

Santa Approved

Volunteer Opportunity: Parents’ Night Out


On Friday, December 1, 2017 the Knights of Columbus will hold a Parents’ Night Out  that you can help with!

We need you to come out and play games with kids, guide them through crafts, help them with dinner, and just have a good time with them.

The Parents’ Night Out will go from 6:00pm – 9:00pm, but we will need help from 5:00pm until 10:00pm.

To help with this wonderful opportunity, sign up below…

Volunteer Opportunity: Annual CCCOA Food Drive


On December 21st and 22nd, the Cumberland County Council on Older Adults will hold their 2017 Christmas Food Drive to provide a Christmas meal to the less fortunate of our community.

The drive is only as successful as the people that are able to volunteer their time to make it happen.

What we need…

On the 21st: People to come to the CCCOA offices to assemble the meals into bags.

We will work in an assembly line to put together all of the various food items into the complete meal that will be delivered the next day. In years past, we have assemble hundreds of meals, so lots of help is needed!

On the 22nd: People to come to the CCCOA offices to help load the bags into vehicles to be delivered.

Drivers will arrive in waves at the CCCOA offices and need assistance in loading up the meals that they will be tasked with delivering.

If you volunteer both days, and work from start to finish, you will earn a minimum of 10 service hours along with the joy that comes with living the faith that we all profess.

If you want to help, sign up below…